2016 Eltanin Cabernet Sauvignon



Wine Region: Margaret River

Colour: A vibrant brick – garnet red.

Nose: Dark forest fruits with hints of cigar box and dusty gravel.

Palate: Concentrated fruit bursts onto the palate, firm yet fine silky tannins add structure and an unforgettable finish!! Drink with family and friends on those special occasions and match with a juicy Angus Rib-Eye roast dinner.


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    Wine Region: Swan Valley

    Colour: Deep red

    Nose: Intense fruit aromas of plums, cherries and forest fruits. Maturation in French oak has also contributed subtle dark chocolate, vanilla and spice.

    Palate: Full bodied, lush and rich concentrated berry fruit flavours. The tannins are soft and perfectly integrated in this fine wine. Serve with roast duck or spicy Sichuan dishes.


    Wine Region: Swan Valley Wine Region.
    Nose: Toffee, figs, chocolate and dried fruit.
    Palate: Rich, luscious, sweet and mouth filling. Enjoy at the end of a dinner party with family and friends with desserts or a cheese board.


    Wine Region: Swan Valley and Perth Hills.

    Nose: A bouquet of aromas including blackcurrant and plummy fruits.

    Palate: Mouth filling and well balanced. The palate exhibits flavours of cherry plum and elegant spiciness. Maturation in quality French oak has contributed to an integrated wine with velvety tannins and a long finish. Drink with a roasted spring lamb seasoned with garlic and rosemary!!


    Wine Region: Swan Valley
    Nose: Violets supported by spicy oak.
    Palate: 100% Estate grown Petit Verdot. Concentrated blueberries flow onto the palate, maturation in quality French Oak has contributed excellent structure, firm tannins and long smooth finish. A 500 gram Black Angus Sirloin steak with mushroom sauce and grilled vegetables will match perfectly with this fine wine.