Katgully Wines is a family owned vineyard located in the picturesque Swan Valley Wine Region of Western Australia. The Swan Valley offers local and international wine lovers the opportunity to taste a large range of full bodied reds, classic white wines, sparkling wines along with world recognised fortified wines.

The vineyard occupies a special place for our family, as the original home built in the early 1920’s remains on the property and has been restored back to its original state.

The early members of the family travelled to Western Australia from Blato and Cara on the island of Korcula, Croatia. In Croatia the family cultivated vineyards and olive groves.

The vineyard is currently owned by three grandsons of the original members of the family that settled in the Swan Valley. Our label “Katgully” represents the first letter of the names of the three sons in the family “K” for Kirk, “A” for Adam and “T” for Tony and are the third generation of family members to own the vineyard. The word “gully” represents a watercourse within the vineyard, an area our family refers to as the “gully”.

The original wine making equipment constructed in the early 1920’s remains on the vineyard together with some of the original table grapes and a magnificent fig tree.

The first plantings were of Shiraz, Merlot, Sangiovese, Verdelho and Viognier. Since then sections of the vineyard now produce Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, Muscat, and Saparavi. These additional varieties are well suited to the Swan Valley climate.

The Swan Valley is Western Australia’s oldest wine growing region and the second oldest in Australia behind the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. In 2014 the Swan Valley celebrated 180 years of wine making. The first commercial vintage was released in 1834.

In 2008 we commissioned indigenous artist Robyn Hardy to produce paintings which depicted her indigenous interpretation of the word “Katgully”. With each painting Robyn also wrote the story line at the foot of the painting. Each painting is a different interpretation of the name “Katgully”. Robyn comes from a long line of family artists’ from Alawa/Mara lands of the Northern Territory, Australia.


Adam manages all export sales. In that role he undertakes wine appreciation courses, wine tastings and assists our agents to market and promote our wines. Adam has been involved in the liquor industry for 10 years.


Kevin has been involved in the grape growing industry for over 30 years and his family has owned vineyards in the Swan Valley Wine Region of Western Australia for over 65 years.


Vicky advises the company on its overseas business. She is fluent in the Chinese language having lived and worked in China for many years.


Casey is a practising chartered accountant and has worked in the manufacturing & industrial, retailing, education and corporate sectors.